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So long.... [Wednesday, November 10th, 2004
@ 9:38pm]
It's time to say goodbye to this journal! I've had this since I was 14 years old, and it's definately time for a change...

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-2- Never know what you'll find

[Saturday, November 6th, 2004
@ 11:12am]
[ mood | hungry ]

Um, well I've been sick most of the week. I think I got it from Dustin, lol. Yesterday I started feeling better, and it was a fun day! I had Michelle go out n buy me flowers and a card for my mom cuz it was her birthday n I had no time, lol. Thank you bub! After school I had cheer practice, which ended half-hour early cuz we got kicked out of our practice place... in which it didn't even end up being used? Yeah... ok. Anyways- We got our new uniforms yesterday too. Fun. After my practice, I went home n got ready then went to Dustin's football game. Wooo! I was pumped! Biggs went with me. It was at Chippewa:) Phil plays there wooo, lol. It went into over time, ended up losing but that's ok! It was a hell of a game. I saw Phil and Stacey. Finally met Stacey, lmao. She's awesome. After the game I took Biggs home, then went to Dustin's house until 12. It was fun. Ahhh, I love him. Came home, went to bed. Now I think I'm gonna go to IHOP with my Mommy:) I'm babysitting tongiht, and I'm excited cuz I need money lol. Brooklyn and Ryan again.. and another lil boy named Kyle, same age as Brooklyn. From 4 until late. Yay. I'm kinda sad tho, cuz Dustin was gonna come over n help tonight, but now he decided to go to his hockey tourney in Toronto.. oh well. Ok, time to eat:)

Never know what you'll find

This weekend was fun! :) [Sunday, October 31st, 2004
@ 9:33pm]
[ mood | thirsty ]

Back 2 entry's ago: I'm not so scared anymore. I can continue cheer, and I can go to Flordia. But everything else will be tight, and I won't have money.

This weekend!:
Friday night I drove myself out to Port Huron to watch Dustin's playoff game. I missed the stupid exit, because a dumbass Hummer cut me off. Errr. But I was fine because I'm good with directions. I didn't get lost. After his game, (which he won.. and he plays chippewa next week! PHIL!) I drove back to his house. His sister was having a party, so I hung out with his mom upstairs watching movies for the hour Dustin wasn't there. He didn't get home until about 11:45, and I left at 12:10.

Saturday, I had competition practice from 8am - 4pm. It actually wasn't as bad as I thought! Best part, I have my back handspring CONSISTANT finally. I threw a lot of them Saturday.. and I'm being put into round 2, which I'm phyched for. I got a fat lip too, lol. After my practice, I hurried up and got ready and went to Dustin's house again! About a half hour after I got there, we left for his hockey. He had a practice at 7, and a game at 8:30. I stayed in the truck until 8:30 and slept while listening to music, lol. Went inside to his game, which was cool. He won. Then went back to his house. His mom went out, so it was just me and him there. (His parents let us stay alone, isnt it awesome.) We played around in the basement fora while, then came upstairs to watch White Girls. We cuddled the whole time and it was nice. I was so comfy, I really didn't want to leave. Ahh, it was nice.

Today, Got up early again. Got to Dustin's house at 11am. He hada hockey game in Midland. Drove out there with him n his mom. He's so sick:( Watched the game, tied, and drove back. Dustin was just miserable. I felt so bad, so I left when we got back to his house. I was bummed I couldn't spend the rest of the night with him, but oh well. He definately needed some rest. I got home around 6.. and it was too late to make alternate plans. Soo I hung around here all night. Feel better sweetie.♥

Tomorrow: School, then practice at Roseville!:)

Get Well Soon Mannino!!!♥♥♥

Never know what you'll find

It's October 29th:):) [Friday, October 29th, 2004
@ 2:41pm]
[ mood | happy ]

This weekend is gonna be good. Yesterday I saw Dustin. Today, had no school. Got my tires done, and later going to gymnastics for a little bit. Then driving out to Port Huron for Dustin's football game, then back to his house. Only reason I'm driving there is because it's our anniversary and I wanna see him tonight. (1 Year, 6 Months.) Tomorrow I have competition practice. 8-4. After, I'm going out to Dustin's house for the night. Hockey game I think? I might spend the night Saturday, idk yet. Sunday he has a game in Midland which I'm going to with him. 4 days straight with him, yay.

Ok, well I'm gonna end this now. I think I'm gonna go get him a card for tonight.. even though I know he's not getting me anything. I love youuuuu.

Never know what you'll find

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